Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Healing Yourself.

School is amazing. Every Monday at 9pm when class is over and we still all sit around for a while longer and talk and then some of us stand around outside and talk some more and then sadly part ways to drive home, I feel so invigorated. Sharing my thoughts and my time and listening to all of these amazing like-minded women is really like nothing I have ever experienced. I’m in awe of how safe we all feel to share personal stories that relate to our women’s health readings and to bare our souls to virtual strangers each week. We grow closer as the weeks pass, of course, but still our unadulterated divulging delights me each week.

I told myself when I started grad school that I had to be alright with it going nowhere (meaning, I might get a Master’s degree and never use it). And I know for sure now that it would be perfectly fine if I never went further in my studies, and never used my degree professionally. Though I think I will do both, I would be just as happy for just having had this experience. There is a lot to be said for personal enrichment.

In other news, I’m on my third week of working with a personal trainer. I now go to the gym almost every day of the week. For a girl who used to hate the thought of belonging to a gym…well, I’ve come a long way. Laurie has even agreed to let me run with her. I’ve been practicing on the treadmill, but I am sure I’ll still slow her down. Hopefully my company will make up for it
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