Monday, October 1, 2007

What a Month!

Well, as most of my blog-readers know, it's been quite a month for the Griffins. My brother decided to get the worst kind of Staph known to man and had to be hospitalized and then sent into emergency surgery to get a chunk of his body cut away to attempt to rid him of infection. He's now living back at my mom's as he receives daily in-home healthcare from nurses that help with IV antibiotics and wound dressing changes and all things medical. While he's likely hating quarantine and certainly not happy about the estimated length of his recovery, I think he might slightly enjoy the service he receives as Casa Ann.

I'd say, it's good to have family (and medical insurance). I feel truly sad for anyone lacking either.

PS - in case you are reading this as news, the other interesting part of my September came when I nearly cut my thumb off and had to sit at St. Anthony's for half of a Friday while waiting to get stitched up.

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