Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Used to be Someone Else Entirely.

I’ve been researching nutrition schools in the past week. Most programs will require me to have or earn, as the case is, a B.S. degree. This would make my course of study some 4 plus years. Not that this is scaring me off entirely, but it’s certainly making the idea less attractive. I have found shorter programs, one wonderful one in particular (that’s in New York City, of course) that might satisfy my needs. The problem is, I’m not really sure if this is what I truly want to do, or if I feel disheartened by the unfoldings at USF and am looking to force myself down a new path (instead of finding it naturally). I suppose regardless, it is still amusing that I (of all people) am considering nutrition school. I remember the Super Size McDonald’s value meal girl that I used to be and I laugh. Well and I cry a little. I think of all the wasted years when I ate poison and sat on the couch while the world moved around me. I am glad I know better now, some people never figure it out. Our ability to shift and change and adapt is simply amazing to me.

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