Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Oh, oh, oh, I have not been a good blog poster. But, today I was reading the news (read: the world’s atrocities) and it made me realize that I hadn’t yet written an “I’m thankful for…” list this year…which traditionally I do enjoy doing. It’s the only part of the celebration of Thanksgiving that’s even worth it (well, except for playing games with the family and eating Uncle John’s paella! Those are great too).

So, make your own list if you like…

This year, I am thankful for…

1. Grad school and how studying for tests makes me feel whole again.
2. Feminism and all it has taught me.
3. My family’s prevailing health, despite all the gut wrenching moments.
4. Constant reminders of how precious and fleeting life really is.
5. LuLu’s unwaivering devotion and hilarious personality.
6. My wonderful, wonderful friends and our constantly-evolving dynamics.
7. A job that doesn’t care if I go back to school and even supports the decision.
8. New friendships that crop up when you least expect it.
9. Great, great music that continues to sneak through the cracks and rise above the pop-terrible Top 40.
10. The new game tournaments at family holiday gatherings.
11. Spinning and how strong it makes me feel.
12. Vegetarianism and how good it makes me feel.
13. My remaining awe at humankind, though it often lets me down.
14. Great new books (text books at that!)
15. Breaks in the weather that let me wear sweaters.
16. New boots and the weather mentioned above in which to wear them.
17. My friend’s children’s birthday parties.
18. Wednesday night darts.
19. Retractable sharpies (now if they’d just make the keychain mini retractable!)
20. Reminders that this path is the right one.

Alright, 20’s enough – how about you?

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